I became a Pregnancy Yoga, Baby Massage and Baby Yoga teacher 6 years ago.  After going on my own journey through parenthood nearly 12 years ago I really wanted to offer support to families on their journey through pregnancy and the early weeks and months of having a new baby.

Having a baby is an amazing experience.  It is a huge privilege to watch your children grow, but as anyone who has been through it knows, it is the hardest job you will ever do.  It’s made much harder if you are doing it without the support of other going through the same journey.

I know this because I am a mum to 11 year old, Alistair and 7 year old, Holly. Becoming a parent was a life changing experience for me, and initially not necessarily all in a positive way! I struggled to find my feet, and just when I thought I had got it, everything would change – and still does! I found it impossible to juggle a successful, corporate career with being a mum, so after much soul searching I subsequently left my corporate job and embarked upon a future supporting other parents in Milton Keynes.

Initially I qualified with a small franchise but decided to set up my own brand in 2017 so that I can structure my classes around the needs of the parents without having to follow a designated format designed by a corporate far removed from my classes.  I am still fully qualified and insured, I just have more freedom to meet the needs of the people attending my classes.  It was the best decision that I ever made.

I hope that this has explained a little about me and given you the confidence to book a course knowing that all the support you need will be on hand at all times.  Hope to meet you soon.xx